Monday, November 2, 2009

Busy Bee's

So we've been busy bee's lately organising stuff for inside the house......the builders are hoping to be finished early 2010 (which will be great!!) and it's really not that far away. First thing was a new bedroom suite for us....king size bed (woo hoo, space if Riley continues to climb in every night at some point as he's currently doing), tall boy, chest of drawers, bedside tables and a linen chest (for the end of bed). Had to order now as the store was organising orders for delivery in Jan but we've still got to organise a king size mattress. It's a bit like being Goldilocks, this one is too hard, this one is too soft, this one is just right but bugger me it's expensive!!! Anyway we can pay off the bedroom suite and they are happy to keep it till we move in and the mattress is usually in stock or doesn't take too long so something to do in the new year. We've also picked out the theatre chairs that we want but they won't store them so we can't order till the new year when we have a more firm date for the house being ready. Also decided on a new bed for JD (he picked it out) which it a unit similar to bunk beds with a higher up bed but with storage and desk etc underneath. We were planning on Riley having JD's old bed initially (cos we need to put sidebars on and that would probably ruin the sides of most nice beds we looked at) but I tripped over, fell on the end and broke it. Ok for now after Paul fixed it but will need to be replaced when we move.

We also started looking at lighting and ended up buying a fabulous light fitting (very modern and funky!) for the lounge room. I've very happy with it and it was a good deal, only $329 on sale instead of $1000 and they are happy to store for us till nearer the time. We also saw some fittings we want for the theatre room so will grab those when we pick up the lounge light. May end up buying all the light fittings at the same place.....saw a few I quite liked for the meals & family rooms plus all the bedrooms.

I'm also being adventurous/crazy/mad/an idiot (insert word as you see fit) and planning on making some of the curtains (some not all mind you). My Mum used to make them and has sent me all the information/patterns etc and today I bought a sewing machine (25% off so another great deal). And it's not like I've never used a sewing machine before, used to make clothes etc in my youth (no curtains though) but hey if I completely stuff them up then Mum is due in March and can make new ones!!! Oh and Dad, you won't be getting off scot free either....there's the back garden decking to build!!!

The house is coming along...not as fast as I'd like but still what can you do? (mmmnnn let me think.....threaten/bribe the site supervisor???). We had a look around the site with him last week which was good. A couple of things like plug sockets and a couple of light sockets needing to be moved but glad we went as it would appear that the additional electricial work for the theatre room is not done. And worst the site supervisor didn't have any details of the plans.....the good news is he does now so if you ever build a house I strongly advise having a walk through before the plaster board goes up. The only other thing was when I was measuring windows (for those fabulous curtains I'll be making!) and noticed that we are missing a window in the master suite 'retreat" area. I say missing because I'd previously done some measuring at the display home and so knew that there was a window in that area. However the window is not on our plans (oh no the detail queen missed something!!!) and upon investigation I have discovered it's not on the standard plans for our model either. Those sneaky builders.....adding windows in display homes so there is more light I suspect. The good news is...thank god we don't have that window. It was high up, long width and small depth and I was cursing having to try and make a curtain/blind etc for it.

The only other thing to do now is post more pic's........we have a roof, and the start of walls. Not happy that we don't have bricks on the top storey yet but apparently brickies can be lazy and not like to do double storeys. What do you mean its too much like hard work carrying bricks up the the second storey? Isn't that what brickies are supposed to do?

Begining of Oct...we have the start of a roof

And front doors (please note this is NOT the colour they will be staying!)

And then the bricks started.....